sandboxigon #3

sandboxigon = one of my co-workers, just fyi.

i’ve taken on the project of sketching all my fellow co-workers. this is the 3rd one!

so far, i’ve only drawn men… as part of my previously mentioned concern that i need more practice with drawing masculine features and face shape.


thank you, thank you! <3 <3

a thank you drawing:

i just want to say THANK YOU for all the sweet comments, likes, and reblogs! and hello to my new followers :)

i tried to reply personally to every comment, but do to the overwhelming amount, i may have missed some… but i didn’t mean to! i really appreciated each and every comment and hope that you guys come back! i also can’t wait to go back through all the comments and visit all your blogs! which i entirely promise to do. :)

being “freshly pressed” on valentine’s day was so exciting for me, especially because of the post i decided to share. it really made my day to see my site stats climb incredibly every few minutes. and NOT because i felt “popular,” but because i just really want to share my drawings with everyone… and of course i wanted to share how wonderful my grandmother was and how valentine’s day shouldn’t be so attacked.

turned out to be a very happy and memorable valentine’s day. i can’t believe i reached 3600 views :D thank YOU!

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v-day for me

//update// thank you so much for all the blog post love!


Valentine’s Day for me, at least for the past three years… has been about remembering my wonderfully lovely grandmother, Antonia Sanger Pesta├▒o. She passed on Valentine’s Day of 2009, and although some may see that as unfortunate, I only saw it as appropriate. She was love- personified, in every way possible, and thinking of her on Valentine’s Day only reminds me to love more.

Here she is, circa mid 1930s (my guess):

Anyway, I know a lot of people get all grumpy pants about Valentine’s Day… because it’s a “hallmark holiday,” merely a way for businesses to make more money, because it commercializes love and turns relationships into some showy gift-giving contest… BUT if you can take some time to step away from the negativity that others bring on this day, what it really comes down to is LOVE. And as cheesy as that sounds, how bad would it be to just take that to heart?

So today, tell someone you love them :) Tomorrow, tell someone you love them. EVERY day, tell someone you love them.┬áInstead of saying Valentine’s Day shouldn’t exist, how about we say that EVERYDAY should be like Valentine’s Day?

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sandboxigon #1

i like to draw people i know :) watch out fellow sandboxigons… YOU might be next!


another man drawing.

then, angela created man.

so, if you may have noticed… i pretty much only draw women. we’re such a beautiful species that it’s hard to avoid. THAT and when i draw men they tend to look super feminine or like one of those guys that you might find on that one website where you search for sex offenders who live in your neighborhood. (if you’re easily disturbed- don’t google that).

so starting now, i am forcing myself to draw more men. i think this one turned out okay.

one of my observations about myself as an artist is that i tend to draw with very organic lines when i draw, unless i’m drawing scary monster teeth or robots. i love drawing flowy, curly hair and the curves of a womans body, lips, eye lashes. SO, as part of my practice with drawing manly men… i am forcing myself to draw with more straight lines, and using short straight lines to create curves.

we’ll see how it goes.

you’ve got something in your hair…

from sketchbook:

digitally colored (very quickly [2mins]) using photoshop:

cloud monsters.

here’s one more entry for today.